Why Join The Library / Vocabulary Vault?

Many students learn vocabulary from books and don't learn how to pronounce correctly.

The Pronunciation Files will make sure you can pronounce perfectly all the new words and idioms you are learning.

This means you are really learning new vocabulary, not just recognising a word, but also being able to say it correctly.


Preparing for IELTS can be stressful.

Take the stress away and have fun learning with the Visualisations. When you relax and learn, the learning is so much deeper!


Join today with a ONE TIME payment, and you get lifetime access at the cheapest price. As I continue to add things, the price will go up.

So join now (you pay only once), to fix in this super low price!

What You Get!

15 Pronunciation MP3 files

15-minute recordings of all the key vocabulary and expressions from my live lessons.

6 Visualisations

Short 5-minute audio files that help you focus and learn topic vocabulary whilst you relax. It's like a meditation to learn English.

My Best E-book

Probably my best e-book with ideas and language to help you learn better English and succeed in IELTS Speaking

Price: ONLY $10 USD

Note: This price is inclusive of VAT tax and is the final price you pay.